FIFA world cup 2018 end of qualifiers matches

Finally the wait is over for the teams that had not qualified by now. Now all the teams are final for the next round. Lets see the performances of these teams.

First of all I would like to mention about the result of Italy vs Sweden. Sweden had a goal lead in the first leg and drew the second leg by 0-0. So italy’s dream of playing in the world cup is over for the first time, The champions in 2006 are not going to participate in the event. Definitely some amazing legends are not going to play the world cup. Heart breaking news for the fans as they wont be able to see Buffon, De Rossi etc.

Now lets discuss something about Denmark’s performance. Team denmark also broke the hearts of Irish fans as they beat them by a mighty score of 5-1. CHELSEA defender Andreas Christensen scored a goal and lord Bendtner also scored the final goal of the game to make sure that they are going through.

Peru won its match from new zealand by 2-0 to go through to the next round. Australia also won their game by 3-1 from Honduras to seal the victory.

Morocco also marked their name in the list of qualified teams by beating Ivory Coast by winning the match by 2-0

Croatia has also qualified for the next round of the world cup by winning their match against Greece by a wide margin of 4-1 victory.

Nigeria had also qualified for the world cup but they won their match against Argentina by a wide margin.

Tunisia has also qualified for the world cup by drawing their match against lybia by a score of 0-0. although they drew their match but they still found their way from their region to qualify for the next round.

Here is the final 32 teams playing who World Cup this year.
  1. Russia
  2. Spain
  3. Morocco
  4. Brazil
  5. Switzld
  6. C.Rica
  7. Serbia
  8. Germany
  9. Mexico
  10. Sweden
  11. South Korea
  12. Belgium
  13. Panama
  14. Tunisia
  15. Iran
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Egypt
  18. Uruguay
  19. Portugal
  20. France
  21. Australia
  22. Peru
  23. Denmark
  24. Argentina
  25. Iceland
  26. Croatia
  27. Nigeria
  28. England
  29. Poland
  30. Senegal
  31. Colombia
  32. Japan