Teams favorite to win FIFA World Cup 2018

As we know that one of the biggest event of football world is going to start on 7th of June in Russia and host team Russia will be playing the first match.

You can vote for your favorite team who you think can win this world cup.

We will discuss here about the teams that are potentially strong enough to win the world cup. Lets start with group A.

Uruguay and Russia are the two stronger teams from group A that will definitely surpass the group stage and go in to round of 16 but in round of 16, there will be tougher teams as well so it will be difficult for both of these teams to go through to next round.

Now we will discuss about group B.

Portugal and Spain are the two teams that are present in group B and both of these teams will easily go through to the next round. We can expect at least their promotion to semi-finals. Spain is definitely a great team so no wonder if we see them lifting the trophy but their recent performances do not suggest so I will say that making spain as title favorite is not good enough.

Now comes Group C.

Group c has one of the strongest sides of the world France and then some average teams. Definitely France is the team we can say about which that they are capable of lifting the trophy. One of the most talented squad of the world football is in the team of France. I would definitely count them as favorite to win trophy. While from other teams in this group like Australia and Denmark, we can expect a round of 16 from them.

Group D is the next group we will discuss.

Group d has hard working and of course talented teams from which we can expect that they can shock us with their performances. Argentina and Croatia are the teams about which I can say that they will go through next round and we can see both of them in quarter finals.

Now we will discuss about group E here.

Brazil and Switzerland are the two teams which we can easily see in round of 16 and we can expect a lot from brazil this time because of the talented squad they contain. So definitely they are going to be another team that are favorite to win the world cup. While we can expect from Switzerland that they would go till at least quarter finals.

Now we will see teams of group F

So Germany and Sweden are the two teams we can say that will go through to the next round quite easily. German team is definitely without any doubt favorites as they are the world cup winners last time. And the amount of talent they have this time along with experience so we can not expect less than finals for the team Germany. While Sweden team is also good enough to do some wonders but if they reach round of 8 then it will be a great achievement for them.

Group G will be the next group we will discuss.

One of the most interesting group as it contain teams like Belgium and England. The two most un predictable sides. Can do wonders and shock us any time. Both of the teams contain enormous talented players like of Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyene in Belgian side and Stars like Harry Kane, Rahim Sterling, Walker in English side. So we can expect from both of these teams that they will reach semi finals. Or no wonder if we see one of them lifting the trophy.

Now we will discuss group H.

Group H has also some good sides like of Poland japan and Colombia. Colombia and Poland are stronger sides on the world football so we can expect atleast a round of 8 performance from both of the sides.