Top 5 teams that are likely to lift the World cup

The summer of 2018 is almost here. The World Cup is back, with all its joy, heartbreak and excitement. Its ready to yet again stop the world and pull everyone in its majestic and unique Aura. It's without any doubt the biggest supporting event in the world. The world is ready to cheer and jeer its way through one of the most anticipated months in the last 4 years. Football fans across the globe are ready. Russia is ready, but are you ready ? Are you ready for the roller coaster emotion ride this tournament brings with itself ? It's the tournament of tournaments. It's bound to be emotional and dramatic. So let's discuss the top national teams that are big favorites to win the World Cup this time and the key players that might lead them to glory.

1) Germany:
The reigning world champions are again favorites to win the cup with one of the best possible squads out there. With an amazing squad depth and a terrifying starting eleven. It's hard to choose a single key player from this squad as it is full of star players who always give their all for their nation. With an all around stacked attack, mid and defense comprising of names like Muller, Kroos, Hummels and Neuer, it really seems impossible that anyone can stop this German side. It's going to take something extra special to stop the mighty Germans this time around.

2) Argentina:
Talking about that something special. The Argentina national team might have the most special thing of them all. Yes we all know about him, it's the little genius from Rosario, Lionel Messi. The driving force behind Argentina's World cup qualification, will Messi finally be able to write his name in history as the undisputed greatest player of all time if he guides this Argentina team to a much needed international glory and will he finally be able to shut the mouth of his haters who still doubt his greatness.

On paper, one of the best attacks any team possesses but they all seem to underperform every time a good performances is needed from them bar Messi(and even he struggles at times), this side could actually be named the team of bottlers and what else can you say of a team that has lost all four of its last finals. If Argentina is to win the World Cup this time, it's going to take something extra special from Messi but as we all know he is very much capable of that special something and with the form he is in, this might be the time when he finally becomes Argentina's Messiah.

3) Spain:
With a humiliating World cup performance last time, the Spanish national side has a chance to redeem itself this time around. With probably the strongest Midfield of all the nations, this Spanish side is capable of toying with any opposition they want, as they recently showed in a friendly demolishing of Argentina(that was without Messi) in the past month. With Isco at his mesmerizing best and the elegant Andres Iniesta tip toeing their way around oppositions, there seems no stopping them, and with the two best center backs in the world Pique and Ramos at the back covering the freak of nature that is De Gea, it's going to take a lot from any side to get past this spanish side full of stars.

4) France:
The Euro 16 runner ups are a force to be reckoned with. With a squad full of young blood that is ready to prove itself to the world, this France side could go all the way to lift the cup up. With the most expensive premier league player Paul Pogba controlling the show and the Euro golden ball winner Griezmann at the front leading the charge with a combined all around attacking threat from all over the pitch, France are going to be big favorites to clinch the World Cup.

5) Brazil:
With the most humiliating exit anyone could have thought of 4 years ago and that too in front of their own crowd, the Brazil side that was without its captain and their main man was stream rolled by the Germans in their pursuit of the final. But it's time for redemption, and what better way to redeem yourself than to win the WC itself, right ? Well this brazil side is more than capable of doing this. With Brazil gliding their way through the CONMEBOL qualifies, being the first team to qualify for the WC, and their Star man Neymar, who always seems to somehow perform brilliantly for his national side, at the peak of his powers. This just might be Brazil's best chance to extend their trophy cabinet by winning the World cup and regaining their status as the greatest footballing nation out their.